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In 1847, Louis Francois Cartier takes over the jewelry workshop of his master, Adolphe Picard, at 29 rue Montorgueil in Paris. This marks the birth of the Cartier. In 1902, the Prince of Wales (later to become Edward VII) proclaims Cartier 'Jeweller of the Kings and King of the Jewellers'. Cartier soon wins fame among the royal courts of Europe. In the 1920's, Louis Cartier designed the first miniature movements, true masterpieces of watch making technology. Today's House of Cartier represents 150 years of distinguished achievement in the art of jewelry and watch design. One of the most fascinating parts of that history is its tradition of innovation in creating timekeeping devices. Each Cartier timepiece has been inspired by the rich heritage of the Master Jeweler whose archives have given birth to new generations of modern watches with names which resonate with historical significance: Baignoire, Santos, Tank, Panther, and Pasha. Cartier watches, today as always, are universally recognized as objects of fine taste and contemporary elegance.

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