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Authorised retailer for Sinn Watches. When it comes to top quality luxury watches, Sinn are one of the brands who immediately come to mind. The brand was founded in Frankfurt, Germany and is based around a number of attributes built into their line-up. The attributes you can find in Sinn watches are �C impeccable German aesthetics, solid build quality and impressive mechanical movements. When it comes to choosing watches, these attributes are absolutely worth looking for!
The Sinn watch company was founded in 1961 by pilot Helmut Sinn, who was unhappy with the watches he was finding on the market. He aimed to create his own top quality watches and sell them direct to customers �C cutting the costs of the middle man. Early Sinn watches were manufactured according to Helmut's specifications by private label manufacturers in Switzerland. As Helmut Sinn sold his watches direct to customers, he could offer them at lower prices than his competitors. Helmut sold his company to Lothar Schmidt in 1994 �C Lothar had started

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