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There are watches that have written history. They have gone far beyond fashion and commercial success. Panerai is among these. Brilliant example of Italian technology, they are still on the crest 60 years after their creation, confirmation of total reliability in their technical responses. Designed and built, as they are, to work under the most demanding conditions, they are solid, beautiful, they cleverly combine refinement with daring creativity, they create perfect proportion between form and content, between quality and price. Contemporary production takes nothing away from the originals, thanks to the artistic direction of Giampiero Bodino, the designer Vend?me called to bring the name back to the world's attention. His hand succeeded in stylishly matching the heroic suggestions in Luminor with the peaceful life of today, keeping the sense of determination and technical authority that had made Panerai the watches the world envies us for, and rightly so

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