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In 1980, Carlo Crocco created the Hublot watch featuring a gold case and natural rubber strap. For the first time in the history of watchmaking, a precious material �C gold �C was combined with rubber. The porthole-shaped watch case combining polished and brushed gold, the minimalist blackdial, and the distinctive black natural rubber strap came to symbolise Hublot watches. Members of royal families were immediately enthusiastic about Hublot, and were soon followed by numerous celebrities the world over. Carlo Crocco had taken a risk, but in just a few years Hublot watches joined the elite of leading watchmaking brands. Three years of research were necessary to create the unique strap and to demonstrate the properties of natural rubber, which seems to regenerate when in contact with the skin. The two parts making up the strap are tailor-fitted at the time of purchase, and adapt instantly to the client's wrist, offering the wearer a unique level of comfort. In the mid-90s, rubber became the focus of interest of the leading watchmaking brands, thus validating the choices that led to the creation of Hublot watches. As far as the brand is concerned, rubber is not a fashion phenomenon, but rather the embodiment of its philosophy and brand image from the beginning. Hublot was then one of the last independent, family-run watchmaking businesses offering a single-product concept. Its unbounded creative freedom has thus enabled it to preserve its personality and to widen its range, featuring complications or limited series.

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