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Glashutte Original was crowned with the prestigious "Watch of the Year" title in 2000. The Senator Classic Perpetual Calendar was the undisputed favourite among readers of expert German magazines "Armbanduhren" and "Welt am Sonntag".
The Senator Classic is equipped with the highly complex Perpetual Calendar mechanism �C an innovative watchmaking feature that automatically recognises leap years and the lengths of the months. The timepiece also features the date, which is displayed upon the signature Panoramic Date. The month and the day are displayed at the ten and two o'clock markers in bold black lettering against a white dial or vice versa. The elegant blue steeled hands of the watch create a perfect contrast against the bright dial, which is fitted with a phase of the moon display that is adorned with silver stars and a bright silver moon. Ticking at the heart of the masterpiece is the automatic calibre GO 100-02 with a power reserve of 55 hours.
The German watch manufacturer has successfully established itself in the strict and demanding Swiss market. The label "Manufactured in Germany" adorns the dial of the watch and attracts followers who appreciate the disciplined and attentive Glashutte watchmaking process. Not to mention that experienced watchmakers often manually test all individual components of Glashutte Original models.

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