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"The Geneva Seal hallmark is the most sought after attribute and highest official recognition of excellence in watchmaking. It was instituted by the Republic of Geneva in 1886 in order to provide a guarantee of origin and the craftsmanship of clocks and watches made in Geneva. The criteria include 12 technical absolute requirements related to the manufacturing of the movement. Only manual and self-winding mechanical movements can be awarded the Geneva Seal and Patek Philippe is the only watch manufacturer whose entire production of mechanical movements qualify for this distinguished Seal. The coveted stamp is proudly placed on the baseplate and a bridge of our complicated, self-winding, and manual winding movements. At Patek Philippe, the award of the Geneva Seal hallmark is always top of mind. The process of designing our watches is based on technical specifications which guarantee that the movements are made up of parts which are designed, crafted, manufactured, hand finished, and hand assembled in our workshops, in accordance with the Geneva hallmark requirements, which leave absolutely no room for imperfection. This is how we make the world's finest watch and assure its performance and reliability." - Patek Philippe

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