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"Having the unique distinction of being the only Swiss watch company in existence that was founded by an American, International Watch Company boasts more than 130 years of heritage and craftsmanship that make it a leader in the field. Known for its technical complications, top-performance pilot watches, advanced innovation in design, and intricate hand craftsmanship, IWC is considered one of the premier companies in today's watch world. IWC is a fully integrated manufacture that produces or assembles virtually every aspect of its watches in its Schaffhausen, Switzerland factory. International Watch Company earned its inimitable reputation as a manufacturer of high-precision timepieces by creating some of the world's most important watches. Since its inception, IWC has helped write watchmaking history. In fact, IWC produces one of the most complicated timepieces, the Il Destriero Scafusia. With 76 rubies and 750 individual pieces comprising the movement, the Il Destriero boasts 21 functions and displays. IWC regularly unveils cutting-edge technical instruments and remains focused on craftsmanship, technology and exclusivity, and the brand. The brand creates watches that are at once both a statement in elegance and status. Aside from its numerous inventions and innovations in movements, IWC also is renown for its Pilot series, Portuguese and Da Vinci collections and the GST."

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