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There are two lines in the Daniel Roth luxury watches collection, The 'Daniel Roth Masters' and the 'Daniel Roth Academic'. The Daniel Roth 'Masters Collection' is very sophisticated and includes technical masterpieces, including the 'Daniel Roth Tourbillon' series of watches. The tourbillon is a mechanical invention created to negate the effects of gravity on the watch. The collection includes the 'Daniel Roth Tourbillon', the 'Daniel Roth Tourbillon Retrograde Date' and the 'Daniel Roth Tourbillon 8 day', with a 200 hour power reserve, which was a breakthrough in the world of watch making. The 'Masters Collection' also includes perpetual calendars and chronographs The Academic Collection of Daniel Roth luxury watches was designed with a vintage feel. These watches are sleek and classic. Each watch has a one-of-a-kind movement. Models include the 'Daniel Roth Althys', the 'Daniel Roth Chronograph Vintage', the 'Daniel Roth Elipsocurvex' and the very popular 'Daniel Roth Le Sentier'. The 'Elipsocurvex Chrono-Perpetual Calendar' is an example of a watch that uses the intelligent perpetual calendar system. This calendar is designed so that it knows not only how many days are in each month, but also takes leap years into account. This makes it so much more than a simple calendar watch. There is no manual adjusting required to always have the correct day and date.

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