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Founded by Raymond Weil in 1976, the brand gave a new dimension to the Swiss watch making industry. There are some core features that are absolutely essential in a watch for it to be classified as exceptional. A striking design, precise mechanics and extreme functionality are to name a few. It is on the basis of all these parameters that Raymond Weil manufactures its timekeepers, thus creating masterpieces. They have many years of expertise in crafting luxury timepieces and each of the brand's timepieces showcase high quality craftsmanship. Beauty and technical perfection have been their key parameters and they speak of unparalleled precision, grand mechanics and fine quality. With over 35 years of involvement in the music industry, the brand recreates the magic of composing mesmerizing symphonies by a grand musician while crafting its timepieces. Music has been an important source of inspiration for the brand throughout the years. A brand that harnesses Switzerland's centuries of rich and carefully cultivated watch making skills and expertise, Raymond Weil crafts watches that are aesthetically and technologically in step with the times. Though the brand has been innovating itself through the years, it still preserves the DNA of its original success. Designed keeping in mind the ever changing trends and styles, Raymond Weil caters to the varied tastes of both men and women. Browsing through their outstanding collection will leave you enthralled and yearning to add one piece to your wardrobe.

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