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The Hamilton Jazzmaster collection is one that fuses the past and the future. The timepieces in this line are a contemporary take on some of the most classic models from decades ago. It is built on the idea of continuing a longstanding legacy of producing elegant Hamilton watches for men and women while adapting to modern times. The Jazzmaster collection is the perfect line for chic and sporty watches that can be worn even on the most special occasions.
Even with the Jazzmaster alone, there are already multiple models to choose from. The variety you get from just a single collection truly says something about Hamilton watches. For example, the Jazzmaster Open Heart Lady Auto, priced at $995 USD, is the ideal sophisticated companion for all the ladies out there. The masterful design, which features a glimpse of the beautiful automatic movement, oozes elegance and quality at its finest. The Jazzmaster Chrono Quartz, on the other hand, boasts a more contemporary and sporty vibe. The chronograph feature paired with the sleek design and layout makes it the perfect Hamilton watch for men. Moreover, there are many other feature and function variations in the Jazzmaster collection such as the Power Reserve Auto, the Viewmatic Skeleton, etc. while the prices vary from $445 USD to over $3000 USD.

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